The Goldilocks Network

June 9, 2012


The Goldilocks Network   An article I was reading recently in a magazine (New Scientist) had this discussed . Now all of us have heard about Goldilocks and the three bears . In that story she finds a bed that is by all means suitable after trying a few . Now the topic that I’m going […]

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Rest In Peace – 55 Fiction

March 19, 2012


-Deepak I can fly and got a weightless feel, I can see people rushing, kids with overweighed school bags and full packed buses farting black clouds. Wait… I can see a familiar face lying unconscious. Mute spectators all around his body. “Call an ambulance” I yelled. As none heard… I said, Dear “Humanity” Rest in […]

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March 14, 2012


Two lonely souls lost in the world A smile exchanged, A shy word A tentative hand held, A promise made And the world became a beautiful place… . – Sapna Goel. image courtesy

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Secret behind Tower of Pisa!!!

March 12, 2012


–Muthaiah Sriram Leaning tower of Pisa is a Bell tower of the cathedral of the city Pisa. It’s one of the world wonders for the 55 meter tall building is leaning with an angle of 3.99 degree to the ground. The reason cited for the leaning of the tower was faulty construction, planning and poor […]

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Blogger Highlight…

February 19, 2012


What is Blogger Highlight ? Is that you ask for ? well… Before i begin i have to confess that, I AM NO GREAT BLOGGER to do such things, i feel that doing these things will make me feel good, so i am doing it. Blogger Highlight is a dedicated exclusive post ABOUT A BLOGGER, […]

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February 15, 2012


AUTHOR: SAPNA GOEL Justanotherwakeupcall   —————————————————————— Two shells of coconut sat calmly side by side caressing, touching, loving, holding each other tight…. if the world were to end today one asked the other What would you wish to do? Nothing! the other replied Just.. sit here next to you.. Two shells of coconut sat quietly by the beach […]

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Few Inspirational Quotes..

February 14, 2012


Deepak karthik —————————————————————— Quotes WHAT ARE THEY ? some impeccable words for troubled hearts and happy hearts to express their state of joy and to overcome the state of trouble! These inspiration quotes are really good thing to select when you need some light to guide 🙂 i share few quotes which i got it […]

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