The Goldilocks Network

Posted on June 9, 2012


The Goldilocks Network 

 An article I was reading recently in a magazine (New Scientist) had this discussed .

Now all of us have heard about Goldilocks and the three bears . In that story she finds a bed that is by all means suitable after trying a few . Now the topic that I’m going to discuss here has its roots in that story .  It is always said that a person can be judged by his friends . That is because friends are the most influential people in our life . They know us and so we share &  discuss everything with them . It is also a fact that the world greatest personalities are inspired by their peers and rivals . Now if we start to search about their social connections , it has a mix of people who are neither too close nor too strange .

Great deeds often require lightning strikes of inspiration . We cannot be creating these on our own like Zeus , but we can lay the ground work for it : Our social circles . Strangers have often proved to be an unusual source of inspiration and ideas . The key lies in finding the right mix of insiders and outsiders , neither too many nor too less in each category .

The article also explains how this network can work with twitter as an example . We search for things using #tags , which directs us to many other strange sources and information which may be of vital importance .

The article , with scientific study also points out that people in a very close knit group help us to batter our ideas but often do not help in generating new ones . And hence we need the goldilocks zone or the goldilocks network .

Now having read this , I started to think how it might be of use practically , especially in our politics . For example , a mix of representatives from different countries formed as a council that supports the education ministry might result in a brand new and much more efficient education system with great quality . Of course , this is a bit tricky , the head of this council should have a firm control on its members or things might go south . A few might also suggest that this might lead to privatization and giving too much power to non-Indian representatives . Education may be considered as a Lighter topic but having this idea implemented in the financial sector of our government will prove to be very dangerous if not handled properly . (we have seen a lot of spy movies ..haven’t we 😉 )
This idea can also be used in small scale projects , in our research , in our workplace , anywhere which has scope for creativity and growth .

Now all that said , Can the Goldilocks Network prove to be the key for our nations actual efficient development .. .???

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