TEAM Portico

Here are some links for new bloggers to get noticed and publish your articles.
1) Indiblogger 
2) Writeupcafe
3) Blogjunta

This page will be updated often.
Keep visiting!
I will try my best for you 🙂
– Deepak Karthik

Authors @ Portico :
Here are the list of people with their blogs, who have contributed their posts to Portico, if you wish to contribute any post, feel free to contact us @

1) Abhijith- Click4technews
2) Arun- Movieretrospect
3) Muthaiah Sriram- Lifeasitcomes
4) Saikat Ghosh- Campbuuz .
5) Gowardhan- Readitt
6) Sapna- Just another wakeup call 

6 Responses “TEAM Portico” →
  1. good initiative Deepak

  2. good attempt deepak!Best wishes for Portico!


  3. kartika

    January 8, 2012

    Good work deepak 🙂 Dare you utter a word you jobless anymore 🙂 keep doing goog works!!!!!


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