Secret behind Tower of Pisa!!!

Posted on March 12, 2012


Muthaiah Sriram

Leaning tower of Pisa is a Bell tower of the cathedral of the city Pisa. It’s one of the world wonders for the 55 meter tall building is leaning with an angle of 3.99 degree to the ground. The reason cited for the leaning of the tower was faulty construction, planning and poor soil choosing. The real reason would have been unknown to everyone if I hadn’t attained enlightenment which happened when I was sitting on the top of the tank starring at a tree on which the video  of the reason behind the tilt was played. Let me take this platform to tell you the truth. Many people think Pisa is an example of bad architecture. But it isn’t true. That’s what Thesis the Roman god of creation was trying to tell in that videos that he addressed to me.

The tower’s construction lasted for about 200 years starting on 1172 AD interrupted by many wars. By 1178 AD the tower began to tilt. The reason behind the tilt was the war between the super heroes and super villains named the ‘Super battle’. Bell tower considered sacred by Christians was an disturbing thing for the dark forces. They wanted the tower to be destroyed. So the Dark Lord sent his team of villains comprising Skeletor, Frieza ,Mojo Jojo, Brainiac , and Atlas to destroy the Bell tower. The super hero team comprised of Superman, Captain Planet ,Power puff girls,Goku ,He-man. All people who had enrolled for the war were present near the battle field next to the bell tower. All the super heroes and villains were hanging on the air except for He-man who never seemed to leave his tiger even if he had a sophisticated jet plane. King Kai presided over the war. Ground rules were clearly laid before

1) No one is supposed to use their best moves until the end of the scene.

2) till then everyone are supposed to be defending themselves.

Everyone started fighting and defending themselves. There was Goku shouting ‘kamaya maya’ with a flash of neon light coming through is hands which was reciprocated by Freiza with sodium vapor light coming through his index finger. And He-man was on a sword fight with skeletor. Captain planet was flying around forming a shield around the   tower. Mojo Jojo was busy hitting on the three girls which was followed by fighting with them with one of the high five guns he invented in the lab which as usual ended with the girls punching his chin from under with Mojo Jojo going flying thrashing on the ground forming a dent on the ground. Brainiac was doing his part fighting with superman giving him a tough time.

After all the war ,Goku was creating the spirit bomb collecting all the energy from nature and balancing it over his head and directed it towards the super villains.Freiza with all his powers reflected it back towards the super hero team. It was now fast moving towards the super hero team like a boomerang .All the heroes moved from its way.Now it was moving towards the tower of  Pisa. The super villains on seeing that considered their job done and left their places immediately. But superman flew towards the tower of Pisa and kicked he tower with all his power so that tower moved from the way of the spirit bomb and there was another super hero whose face was hid with a cloth and he had cloth tied to his head and a small sword on his belt. He was the super hero who caught the tower from the other side after superman kicked it. There was no clue of how his face looked. He looked very lean. But he managed to support the entire tower with his single hand. Mean while super man went back to his planet to bring the invisible mountain namely ‘Kryptoganga’ to Earth. The super heroes used the invisible mountain’s rocks to build two supporting pillars so that the tower Pisa remains supported in its tilt. It took them only two minutes to build the supporting pillars.Till now not even a clue of the pillars were known.They made the pillars invisible so that the beauty of the building is not compromised.They are super heroes for no reasons.

pillars made visible for convienience


Video has raised the question of who the unknown super hero might be.He seemed to have  the knife shown below .Am still researching on the knife.If u guys get to know abt the knife ..pls let me know.!

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