Posted on February 15, 2012



Two shells of coconut

sat calmly side by side

caressing, touching, loving,

holding each other tight….

if the world were to end today

one asked the other

What would you wish to do?

Nothing! the other replied

Just.. sit here next to you..

Two shells of coconut sat quietly by the beach

gazing at the  horizon, sighing sad and deep

can there be life without you

Is this what you wish?

I wish for nothing more than you..

but wishes are only dreams

from this life when we go to next

no matter where that be

I will live my life with you

and forever  you’ll be with me..

Two shells of coconut

basking in the summer sun

splashing in cool water

sharing a nice book..

am so glad I bumped into you

this has been so much fun

let’s do this again sometime

Just ring and I will come…

Two shells of coconut

no matter who you be

you make this world a better place

Just by loving each other deep…..


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