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Posted on February 19, 2012


What is Blogger Highlight ?
Is that you ask for ? well… Before i begin i have to confess that, I AM NO GREAT BLOGGER to do such things, i feel that doing these things will make me feel good, so i am doing it.
Blogger Highlight is a dedicated exclusive post ABOUT A BLOGGER, who uses only his/her for a specific purpose. hope you got it…

Movies were never seen as an entertainment stuff, movies are considered to be a living thing, VIRTUALLY REAL.
Over a period of time, people who acted in movies are always considered as POWERFUL person, they have the support of their fans.
Movies has given plenty of powerful politicians and billionaires.Poll campaigns will never end without an actor’s oration.

So how do we respect and care movies ? and all of us here has a passion to watch and enjoy movies, few consider movie stars as GOD…

Passion for movies is a BLOG dedicated to FILM INDUSTRY and acts as a honest commentator…
I don’t see any biased comments or reviews there.
One of the best FILM BLOGS in our blogosphere.
ARUN KUMAR – The man behind this blog, certainly he deserves such highlights. for his work and research over the wide range of movies.

2)Good Will Hunting
It is a pleasure to highlight about arun and His wonderful blog here in PORTICO !
Team Portico appreciates ARUN for his impeccable work 🙂
Kudos !



There are many more blogger highlights to come 🙂
If you feel that PORTICO is worth telecasting your blog, feel free to share me your views 🙂
This post man is ready to write about you!


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