How to make others comment on your blog posts..

Posted on January 24, 2012


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How to make others comment on your blog posts

Commenting is good, I am not talking about commenting a girl on the road nor I am talking about  commentary for  IPL 20-20 cricket matches, I am talking about blog and its relation to comments, comments on your blog mean a lot to you but do you take enough care to encourage your readers comment on your blog posts , here are the few things you need to ensure to receive more comments

  •  Not all type of content will encourage comments, If reader feels linked with the subject it is likely he will comment  or a extraordinary blog post will encourage readers to comment so content is the prime factor
  •  Writing informative posts like how to posts, reviews have more chance of receiving comments
  •  Find the bloggers in your niche and start interacting with them, this is a proven way to improve comments
  •  You cannot tie the mouth of the reader and ask him or her to comment , Check your comment settings, see if everyone is allowed to comment or not,please check the settings in your dashboard.
  •  Remove the Approval, Because a comment which is posted instantly is more encouraging  (if anything is wrong with the comment you may delete it. )
  • Ensure whether your comment window is working good, for blogger it is recommended you use pop window form  (to enable pop up window .
  •  Add recent comments widget to your home page so that your readers are encouraged to comment
  •  Make a habit to replying the comments you receive.
  •  Last but not the least, comment on others blogs  so they in return will comment for your blog

Friends, this is a drop of  my opinion and pour in your valuable suggestions,looking forward for your comments to improve this article and on blog commenting…

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