Posted on January 20, 2012


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To Err is Human, to forgive is divine. To sacrilege is unethical , but relenting to the whims of fanatic religious groups is even more Blasphemous.

I am an agnostic ,though I know more about religion than those fanatics who failed to decipher correctly the teachings of Quran and Gita . No religion have ever propagated enmity against any one. Forgiveness has been the “BLACK” stone of all religion and no religious books have ever complained of BLASPHEMY. The simple reason is that religion is above Human nature and character. Gods are not plagued by the vicious forces that affect a normal human heart. That’s why they are god and we are humans.

Yet the self righteous humans finds no truce with those , whom they consider as INFIDELS. The ISM of any religion is unity in diversity. The realm of each religion advocates the peaceful existence of even the infidels, without their respective gods complaining about it. But alas! the human can Cry Foul.Dividing the Nation on communal ground is admissible by the so called guardians of Religion but someone expressing the DIVINE truth is blasphemy…..

The British divided our great nation based on religion and after independence our very own politicians divided the country based on RVBP .(RELIGIOUS_VOTE_BANK_POLITICS).That’s not sacrilegious to the religious leaders but a nobility shown to them by the political class. God never appeared in my dreams, am sure he is too busy to have no time to appear before mere mortals. But the strangest thing is that we Humans take upon ourselves to mind GOD’s business (viz. blasphemy Ltd, infidelity Inc etc).In doing so we neglect what was supposed for us to accomplish-To lead a happy ,peaceful life in God’s Wonderful Playground.

I won’t take names or point to some individuals in particular, but I was quite disturbed by all the recent developments in my beloved country. Its sad and as young people we must raise our voice against such parochial government , religious groups.

Because if we don’t raise our voices then certainly “The SATANIC goVER’SES” will wreak havoc in this beautiful country.

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