Sikkimese Sniper !

Posted on January 11, 2012


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Deepak Karthik.

When Bobby Fischer was a kid, he asked his parent or someone in which game/sport USA is trailing behind ? someone have told him as CHESS, he shined in that later.
Be it true or rumor, if you ask me NAME A KID similar to that scenario, there can be very few, BAICHUNG BHUTIA will be one among them, who proved INDIAN FOOTBALL is not a feeble one and he is the first Indian to play professionally at England in the post-Independence stage.
If it was cricket, i am pretty sure he would have grown much taller than as he is now, though comparing games is a worst thing to do, we can’t stop doing it.
I have my friends who closely follow English premier league, they fight each other for some alien club and ends up in nothing.

Baichung Bhutia(Baichung-Small brother), from north east part of India, which at times treated as non Indian part perhaps as a different part, should i call it as his destiny or as India’s fortune ? to have him in our national football side.

Wonder kid we should say, lack of media exposure is also one among the reason for his less familiarity.
Once my school teacher asked” Tell me 5 Indian footballers” only name which came from most of the mouths “Baichung Bhutia”.
Such an earmark person for Indian football team.

I feel him as an path setter, trend maker. in a land of hill and uneven ground, he took his chances to join India, in a land which follows cricket as religion he lured few footballers.
He retires, hard news and i feel he have served enough but got only few laurels for his service,more people have to be engaged in playing the sport both at an amateur and professional level and we must see many more BAICHUNG in future, it could be a tribute to him.

Socially he contributed by developing schools and also some training camps, i believe India have to wait for seeing another such marvel boy, at least at that time i wish to see India playing in football World cup !

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