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Kartika Nadar. a Science student from Mumbai and an occasional blogger, she blogs @UnspokenWords
      In this modern age the fact cannot be denied that internet has become an inevitable part of our respective life . Infact these innumerable no of social networking sites has become a hub for youngsters. No other communication is as fast as online friendship. online friendship provides an excellent opportunity to mingle around with people with common interests and tastes. No matter race,age,sex,culture,lifestyle they belong to……..
      Online friendship has its own advantages and disadvantages too.. Provided it depends on us, how we make a good use of it..before moving on to next point I’d love to share my own personal experience as we all view and interprets events from our experience and perspective ?!?
      Online friendship  has been proved boon atleast in my case 🙂 I met my guy online…*eyebrows arched* why??? why??? I still keep on wondering how I fell for him!!! Never ever in my wild I expected!!!! OK I ll not harp much about him but I ll give out some short summary here below 🙂
2008: DEC 12Th
           I got request from this adorable person. The moment I saw him some cosmic energy guided me kartika he is the 1 for you !!!! bang on YAY!……some where deep in me I knew he is my prince charming 🙂 every chat with him made my heart beat to skip …PAH 😀
 2009: Jan 13Th
           I gave him a call to wish him on his b’day!!
 2009-2010: Aug 5Th
           We turned out to be good friends frequent chats and occasional calls carried well.. Never to forget I was crazy over him but couldn’t confess!
 2010 Aug-2010
            Our bond grew stronger. day and night messages, calls made him realized I was one for him… He is freaking dumb head I say, He took bloody whole 2 yrs to realize!!!!
2010: Oct 29
            He proposed me 🙂 🙂 🙂 I was on highest heaven I could be on coz I’ve been for this moment for freaking 2yrs  Aur kya mann main hazaroo laddduuu futa 😀 I accepted it and now we are into it..still going strong 😀
 2011: March 3rd
          I met him for the first time as a real person 🙂 what else our bond grew stronger and stronger!!! I m unable to express ore about our meet up ! emotional kinda…so!!!

             He is miles apart, though we are into long distance relationship my love for him ll never fade away! The best part of our relationship is we have reasonably 6yrs age difference which according to me is a positive point for me. like every other couples we doubted our future but now prepared to tackle it!!! I love him with all my heart and hoping for best to happen in near future :):) ppl out there bless us 🙂
              Coming back to the point, He happened to me moreover over internet. I initially used to get frustrated at the response I get when I tell people I met my guy online.. yeah, “WHY TO CARE ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE, WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK IS NONE OF YO BUIESNESS” The internet is just another medium of communication may be its relatively new so people might be slight uncomfortable!!!!
              Just because online friendship turned out to be so well for me I feel it has proved  boon to me  That doesn’t mean its safe enough like I said before its upon us how we use it!!  Rite? Perhaps, Every other thing in this world has its own merits and demerits! However there are precautionary measures to be taken while involving much in online friendship. Its better to avoid disclosing personal information moreover it is wise to avoid strangers!!! like always positive sides toooo!!!! We can catch up and come across different people from different part of world indeed!!

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