The Anthem !

Posted on January 7, 2012


About Author:
Saikat Mbka Ghosh is an Engineering student and a passionate blogger, he blogs at Campbuuz .

There’s no land so beautiful and idyll as thee ,

The Aravallis , the nilgiris and the mighty Himalayas are thy glory ;

Yamuna , Ganga , Naramada and Brahmaputra satisfy your thirst ,

Our hearty oblation for you my Mother comes first ;


The Aryans ,the Lodhis , the Mughals , the English have ruled thee,

But none was able to capture your spirit ,as a falcon it remained free;

Brave sons you had in the Rajputs , the Marathas and the Sultans ,

Courageously fighting  the enemies in Delhi, Bengal, Lucknow and Multan ;

The Buddha, The Mahavira , The Gandhi were all born your son ,

Non Violence and brotherhood as weapon , many battles they won ;

The Hindus ,the Muslim , the Jain , the christain are all but one,

You embraced with love all your sons and estranged none ;

O’Mother you have given us identity,hope,love and so many,

You are the creator and the preserver of our destiny;

I am proud to be your beloved son and I take a vow ,

That i will serve you forever , before you O’Mother I bow ;


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