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Posted on January 5, 2012


I have heard people saying, “I waited around a year to get my first ever scooter/vehicle”, those times are gone.”Hamaraa Bajaj” will be one of the unforgettable advertisement, still i am seeing people who rides with their bajaj scooter 🙂
Today, Designs and people interests has been changed drastically. market trends are growing and glowing everyday. it is not the same world how it was a month before:)
But If we are about  to make a retro scene, we cannot avoid showing scooters, trendy helmets, such a  lovely machines and why i am speaking this stuff ? BAJAJ.

There are two class of Indian companies,
1) Companies which sets foot on anything,everything but never provides a good solution for a common man’s grief.
2) Companies which will be either omnipresent or present on a single field but with firm basement, they do their best to help people of all class at least they put their best to help people of middle class.

Tata and Bajaj, i classify these 2 companies at companies of 2nd kind.
Ratan Tata followed his words, really he made so many people to accomplish their dream, “i must own a car”. forget their appearance,forget their money but remember that man who stood by his words and remember the families which rejoiced after owning their first ever car.
Tata nano may be a car of poor man perhaps an economical man but still it is a car which has 4 wheels and takes people from one place to another.

Tata Nano vs BMW, former has great mileage than latter. but latter has elegance,aesthetic and extravaganza, BMW is rich man’s NANO. NANO is an economical man’s BMW. comparisons might be weird(be patient).

Bajaj RE60, can say this car as a cousin of auto rickshaws, this RE60 looks like a golf car. but as i said earlier, it is still a car which ferries people.
It looks pretty gawky but the mileage factor, 35 km/l is bloody brilliant 🙂

Buy a SUV, fill up the tank and reach your home, Buy a RE60 fill one liter and reach your home, opinions are subjected to differ 🙂
Personally i feel, if all of us own a RE60 i guess our great grand children can see how petrol looks like and perhaps our fuel consumption and price will get reduced.

Points to Note:

  • RE60 is safest vehicle to the world, because ? an environment friendly car with a CO2 emission of 60 gm per kilometer.
  • Mileage as i said earlier 35km/l.
  • 200CC Engine.
  • 20 BHP
  • 70 km/H Top Speed. 
  • price: 1.25 Lakh(not sure) 

For whom it benefits ? 
It will be a boon for people who travel long distance for their work, you can’t ride a bike in a dusty,rainy road everyday. for those it will be benefit and can go as a group, i believe there are some group taxi kinda situation,where people who work at same office or location, together goes in a car and shares the fuel price.Decreases the usage of public transport, but definitely will increase the traffic 😛
People who has their office at outskirts and a calm place can definitely use this for reaching safe and soft.

This car can be definitely used for dropping kids at school, you would have seen a father ferrying 5 kids in his bike, they are prone to accident.
Can also be used as taxi in cities.
Whatever it is, it is a four wheeled machine 🙂

This is really a good sign in research and development sector in which India lags and bad sign for padded filled parking slots 😦
As Indonesian auto rickshaws are earmark for them in Hollywood movies, these mini avatars like Nano and RE60 can be and will be an earmark for India.
India is not country with a family of 3 and here more people and an improper,changeling economy, for those who projects “Car” as a dream, these cars will be their dream come true.
Interestingly, a person who owns an AUDI and another who owns a NANO, they both are commonly addressed as CAR owners 😛

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