Indian Cinema- A Review !

Posted on January 5, 2012


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What’s With Indian Cinema?

Indian Film Industry is the largest in the movie world. It produces over eight hundred movies a year , and according to some statistic we Indians go out to the movies 3 billion times a year, which is also the highest.  But how often do we come across a sensible and meaningful movie? , and how often do we recognize a meaningful movie?

In India, movies are classified under two categories: Blockbuster or Flop. Movies are sorted out only by its revenue, not by its quality.

The Bollywood Factor:

Many foreign movie viewers confuse Indian movies with Hindi movies. Even though, it’s largely ignored many important Indian movies have come from Bengali or south Indian film industry. A Indian could watch a English, Iranian, French, Korean movies easily, but not a subtitled Bengali or Tamil movie. Rarely other Indian language movies are recognized throughout India.

Have u heard of IIFA? It means International Indian Film Academy, but it’s all about Hindi movies, glamorous celebrities and its foreign sponsors. Americans often complaint about Oscars, academy awards are way better than these fake award ceremonies. Since bollywood is the biggest movie industry in India, it should try to promote other quality movies from other Indian languages. It shouldn’t just remake it. I am not saying Hindi films are totally bad, but if Taare Zameen Par is given accolades, why not Tamil movie Pasanga?.

The Star Factor:

This is kind of epidemic, which is spread throughout all Indian film industries. Script is the most important thing for a movie. In our cinema , Hero is the important one, then comes music, stunts etc. If a great hero is equal to a big blockbuster, then why does these movies look worst?. Ra One had Sharukh Khan still why it is bad , because it simply had a poor script.  Hero worshipping stops any new ideas, directors just do the same story with a different setting. All these stars are keen on a big opening and making money. Worshipping a star doesn’t make you a movie lover, rather it does the opposite.


This has a deep root in Indian cinema.  It’s hard to separate plagiarism from our films. Whenever a good thriller comes out, the first question comes to our mind is: What is the original movie name? We have made cheap versions of ‘Reservoir Dogs’, ‘Usual Suspects’, ‘Old boy’, ‘Memento’, ‘Leon’ etc. Actually the list of plagiarized movies is very very big, it could many days or months to give a exact number. In this era of internet it is easy to identify a copied movie within a day, but they still not dropping it.

India is a land rich with many stories and myths, it’s a shame our films are copying ideas from other countries.

Painting, literature, and theater have existed for thousand’s of years, but film came into existence only a little more than a century ago. Yet in this fairly short span, the newcomer has established its powerful art form. Many talented Indian film-makers are trying to change the tide. Parallel- cinema is also flourishing now days. Short –films are getting the acknowledgement and credit. Anurag Kashyap is one of those, leading the independent film movement in India.

So, Indian movie buffs could remain optimistic about the biggest movie industry in the world.

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