Android @ 400000

Posted on January 4, 2012


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Android Market is now at 40,0000 Apps which is developed by 10000 Active app developers. And this hit is due to the addition of 10,0000 apps in previous four months. As per the Report of Distimo, Google’s Android market has achieved it’s double size since April 2011. And the allowing of unlimited apps is the reason for this growth.

Statistics Of Android Apps By Distimo

              According to Distimo’s report, free applications make up roughly two-thirds of all available apps on the platform, having grown month over month from 60% in April to 68% at the end of December. Distimo has posted noting that Google needed an additional two months to reach the 400,000 mark. With Apple reaching 200,000 apps in 22 months and the Android Market requiring 31 months, the Google marketplace needed only four months to pass 300,000 apps, whilst Apple needed eight months. When Listening to Distimo’s report, the Android Market is also closing in on another milestone; 100,000 active developers. But the number of average app per month has fell down from 5 to 4. The company also says that the number of apps in the Android Market were active at the time and excluded removed or deleted apps.

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